Help Me To Help

gracias, thank you, danke !!!

... to all of you who have made my first volunteering experience possible:

Alex, Alina, Amanda, Andreas, Andrei, Anja & Peter & Émile, Christoph, Diana D., Diana K.F., Dirk, Ed, Emily, Emmanuel, Erwin, F@b, Fergus, Frédéric, Gareth, German & Sil, Gina, Hanna & Marcin, H.C., H&H Bock, Jai, Jean-Gustave, Jean-Marc & Vérane, Jill, John, Jorge, Juan, Lineda, Liz & Mark & Johnty, Machiel, Marian, Martijn, Martina, Mary, Maurice, Maxime, Mevlut, Michelle & Vince, Mihaela, Mike & Tim, Monica, Mutsch, Naresh & Vishali, Nicole B., Nicole & Tim, Pamela, Patrick, Paul, Pere, Raluca, Ruud, Simona, Sonnenschein, Sorina, Starr, Sunny & Sil & Giaan, Teodor, Ther, Toni, Uli, U&M Käsbach, Victor, Vincenzo, Volker, Waltraud & Heinz, and Zulma.

My original plan was to spend a total of 12 months on social projects: 12 weeks each in four locations on three different continents: Brazil, Costa Rica, India, and Tanzania. I have completed my Costa Rica experience and you can read about on the calendar. However, I have decided to put the other locations on hold for two reasons:

  • Right now I'd rather focus on building my free lance occupation as a cultural consultant and project management trainer
  • Initially, I thought I'd go to all four locations with CCS. After my Costa Rica experience, I'd prefer to find an alternative.

I am not giving up on the plan to go on further volunteering projects, I have only postponed those plans. However, the other destinations might change. My friend Sophie pointed me towards a potential project in Columbia. When time comes, I will look into this option.