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Week 1 Day 3 - "Volunteers, Group 77"

Group 77 are all those who arrived together with me last weekend: Nick, Rebekah, Mary, Amy, and Lucinda. All other volunteers arrived with the same group 8 weeks ago.

Back row, left to right:

Caitlin: She comes from the US and is staying for the full 12 weeks. We both work at the same placement, the "Hogarcito". She's been great at sharing all her insights.

Nick / Nicolas: He is from the UK and will only stay a total of two weeks. Three days a week he assists an English teacher in a village school and the other two days he works with the elderly. Today, there is dance class at the day center for the elderly, and he and our cook Rosita will participate... we are all curious to see pictures of that.

Rebekah: She's from Ohio and will be here the same time I am. She currently works at a school, but will move to another placement once the summer vacation begins in December. She sings and paints and wears a lot of different hats... and has already received a love letter from an 8 year old student yesterday.

Mary: Originally from New York, she lives in North Carolina. She signed up for 8 weeks, but shared during our first feedback session yesterday that she finds the experience overwhelming and very challenging. She might be leaving much sooner, perhaps at the same time as Nick or Amy.

Josh: He is from the US, and will be here through the end of this month. He has worked at a variety of placements, including the handicapped. He's learned to play backgammon in Israel, and we had a great match last night (...playing at "my" rules).

Emily: She is from Canada, and will be around only for another week and a half. She teaches English at a school, including the principal and some of the teachers.


Front row, left to right:

Amy: She is from Canada and signed up for three weeks. She works at a day care together with two "tías" who speak only Spanish while Amy speaks only little Spanish.

Lucinda: She is from Ireland and will be here the full 12 weeks with me. She speaks German, and plans to go on to volunteer in India a few weeks after Costa Rica.

Rachel: She is from the US and will be here through the beginning of December. She works at a day care and has bonded with her "tía", meeting up with her e.g. to go to church.

Brette: She is from Canada and is here through 8th December. She teaches English at a school and it seems like she frequently goes out with her fellow teachers on week nights.

Raisie: She is from New York and is here for 12 weeks. She works at a school and this week has been preparing to speak to them about religion. She is Jewish and after this experience will go on to study at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Abi / Abigail: Abi and Raisie went to school together and signed up for this experience jointly. They share a room and various placements. For example they both work with a woman's group who recycles paper and makes artware from it. The women have invited them to spend a weekend with them at their homes.



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Fergus, I am so glad there is no need for a translation into Scottish...