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Week 1 Day 4 - "Lluvia = Rain... Floods "

This is the end of the rainy season and it's been raining since I arrived... a lot! There are many rivers here, and they are all coming down from the mountains on their way towards one of the two oceans: Carribean / Atlantic or Pacific. So there are many rapids, and with the rain many houses have been flooded recently in this area. The weekend I arrived we learned that some of the families who owned a house and send their kids to a school where some of the volunteers work have lost their house and everything in it, including the school uniforms and school books of the kids. House insurances are not very common here, as they are very expensive and people cannot afford them. Now the government has provided help, but very very little help.

I took a picture of one of the rivers that runs very near the day care center where Lucinda works. I'll try to add some of how close some houses are to the rivers... and, in fact, I have now managed to take a couple. You can see that the river is not as high any more but you can also see the damage it has caused.


For today's sponsor:

Fergus, I yet have to show the kids the picture of you & Toni in front of the Scottish castle... I am sure, they'll be impressed.