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Week 1 Day 5 - "CCS Staff "

I thought it is time to introduce the people who take care of the volunteers here... in the sequence of the pictures, left to right, top to bottom, there are:

Ademar, the NightGuard - Ademar is here from 6pm to 6am and gets to sleep starting midnight. More than protecting us from the outside world, it seems to me that he is there in case of an emergency and to "protect us from ourselves", i.e. to make sure the no alcohol rule is observed and that boys and girls stay separate.

Irving, the SanCarlosDirector - He is currently travelling for business and will not be back for another two weeks.

Mayra, the Cook - Mayra prepares breakfast and lunch for volunteers and staff. The food is great. With every meal, there is fresh fruit and juice, as well as rice and beans. With lunch and dinner, there are always vegetables plus a salad. All food is served buffet style, and volunteers are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, including doing their own dishes.

Ronald, the Driver - Ronald picked me up from the airport when I arrived and drives volunteers to and from their placement. He will also drop Mary back at the airport on Saturday. In addition, he takes out the trash daily (there is no trash pick up from homes and I wonder where he takes it to...). Supposedly, he also does gardening.

Allan, the InternProgramCoordinator - Interns come here to earn credit for school. They have additional activities and are required to outline objectives, write reports, etc. In my group, only Rebekah is an intern, and from the previous group, Josh is. Allan coordinates their placements and does milestone checks with them.

Fanny, the ProgramCoordinator - Fanny coordinates the placement for all other volunteers. During the first feedback session I expressed my interest of getting to know other placements, and I was really impressed that by Thursday, she had a schedule for me in place for next week where I will go to two local schools, a handicapped center, a day care, and a home for the elderly. She was just as prompt to react to the concerns Mary brought up, but I think she was hoping Mary was going to give it a little more of a chance.

Mery, the HouseKeeper - Mery cleans the house and exchanges the towels and linens regularly. I am a bit embarassed that she also does our beds. She is currently replacing Mayra for a couple weeks while Mayra is getting surgery. Instead, Grace comes and does Mery's job.

Daniel, the HouseManager - Daniel makes sure the facilities are all in order. We'd go to him, if we feel anything needs repair. He'd buy any supplies, from food to toilet paper. He also made sure that my name got on the list of the German Embassy.

Sarah, the ProgramManager - Sarah works for CCS out of the New York office and was the contact for volunteers mainly pre-arrival. She will also collect our feedback after our departure.

José, the CostaRicaDirector - There are a total of three volunteer programs in Costa Rica. José is the director of one of the other two locations and in addition is the head for all three programs. He is not located in San Carlos, but comes to visit once in a while. So we might get to know him at some point.

Rosa / Rosita, the Cook - Rosa prepares out dinners. She's been here almost since the opening of the program. The other night she made miniature pasteles de carne which very much remind me of the delicious Frikadellen my mom makes (or Margot & Dirk). A sort of home made mini burgers. She goes to the home of the elderly for a two hour dance class on Wednesdays... for dances like merengue, salsa, and cumbia.

Greivin, the ProgramAssistant - Greivin assists Fanny. He's been driving the second van to take volunteers to their placements; introduced volunteers; helped with communication at the placement when a volunteer does not speak Spanish (or not sufficient).


For today's sponsor:

Lynwen, I was undecided whether to introduce the staff today or my placement. I did not really dare to take pictures at my placement, yet, and that is why I opted for the staff.