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This day has been sponsored by : Austin & Nicole

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Week 4 Day 2 - "Colours, Fruit, and Animals"

Yesterday & today I was working with Yogibeth teaching English to two kindergarden groups at Escuela San Martín. We had met the week before to discuss content and activities, and thought we could cover colours (red, green, yellow, blue, orange) and fruits (apple, lemon, banana, grape, orange) on Monday, and repeat the colours and add animals (fish, cat, dog, lion, elephant) on Tuesday.

We played "The boat is sinking", "I spy", and prepared colouring sheets... and we had balloons we could make into animals. I felt like a magicians apprentice. Some children really remembered the new words at the end of the two hours and even the following day. Others... not so much. It was great fun, and I hope I can repeat that for the kids at the Hogarcito sometime.

I wish I had actual pictures from this day. But sadly, the night before was the beginning of a painful odyssey that is going to last two weeks. I had only dragged myself to work because we had prepared everything together but Yogi called CCS to have me picked up before the end of the morning. See tomorrow's chapter for details...



For today's sponsors

Happy Birthday, Austin! Your aunt Nicole sponsored this day in your name. Do you know how to make balloon animals? If you like I can show you on my next visit to Wisconsin...