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Week 5 Day 2 - "Cows in the Tropics "

This is a sight I have been finding entertaining ever since I arrived... cows under palm trees. And there are lots of them! Anywhere we drive, I am sure to see cows on the way... Turns out that San Carlos "is agricultural in nature, with 70% of its land dedicated to cattle farming".

Compared to European cows, they seem to get more exercise, as I see them very frequently on steep hills. They also feast on lush green grass while their European cousins find food on short green plains. And don't you find that they get spectacular views?

Note: The credit for the 2nd and 3rd picture goes to my friend Sarah. She took those pictures while she was visiting here from Colombia.


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Jill & Em... You'll find out tomorrow what is being done with all the milk from these cows...