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Week 5 Day 3 - "Dos Pinos"

So, what is happening to all the milk from the cows you saw yesterday? Dos Pinos is using is to produce a variety of dairy products. According to their own website, they are the

We went to visit their local factory which focuses on producing milk (including the powdered milk CEN Santa Clara gives to under-nutritioned children and their families) and 5 different cheeses: Gouda (helaas heb ik die nog niet geprobeerd), a type of Manchego (producido con leche de vaca), Mozzarella (si mangia molto qui... ma non la qualità di buffala), Tico y Turrialba (a local cheese which we have on the breakfast table every morning).

In the second picture, under the umbrella you will recognize Lucinda, Fanny, and Daniel. The other lady gave us the tour. She showed us the enormous trucks that bring the milk and explained about the quality check which is being done: Every time a truck collects milk, they take a separate sample from the provider; when the truck gets to the factory all samples undergo a quality control; if one of the samples fail the test, the milk from the entire truck cannot be used.

Then she showed us how the milk gets pumped from the truck to the tank (you can see the tank on the left hand side of the main picture). To me, it looked a bit like a gas station (see picture n°. 4).

Finally, we got to see the cheese production, but there we were not allowed to take pictures.

Though they do not produce ice-cream in this particular factory, they had some in stock to give to visitors... how lucky for us!


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Sorina... I am trying to remember about cheese in Romania... help me out! I only remember a lot of other foods... with the cold you have now you must eat a lot of ciorba...