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This day has been sponsored by : Kai Emile Schaller

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Week 6 Day 2 - "Queques para Puente Casa"

This is part of the Puente Casa "sequel" for those of you who have read about the robbery they suffered. Today is their Fiesta de Alegría which Doña Sandra managed to organize despite the funds that had disappeared. Irving had discussed with Doña Sandra what we could contribute to make it happen.

Between Fanny, Greivin, Meri, Mayra, and myself, we produced the little decorated paper bags for about 100 students. They were eventually filled with candy. When we delivered the bags, Doña Ruth was sitting outside a classroom door at a student table with a pile of envelopes. I added a picture, so you can see how nicely they were decorated. They contained the report cards. Students and / or their parents came by to pick them up. Also, Irving, Cynthia, and myself made four cakes with decorations.

The teachers had a xMas celebration later that afternoon at Doña Ruth's house. They kindly invited me to come along. The teachers made food; theyhad their Secret Santa final gift exchange (the one I previously mentioned was just a 'teaser'... to let people guess who their Secret Santa might be); and we sang karaoke.


For today's sponsors

Familie Schaller... also wenn Émile mal so seine Zeugnisse bekäme... aber bei uns ist das viel formeller. Würde man in den dekorativen Umschlägen überhaupt Zeugnisse vermuten?

Vielleicht habe Ihr ja schon vorher über die "Abenteuer" bei Puente Casa und den Raub dort gelesen. Der Kuchen und die kleinen Tüten waren unser Beitrag, um das Fiesta de Alegría so stattfinden zu lassen, wie geplant. Mit Fanny, Greivin, Meri und Mayra haben wir die Tüten für ca. 100 Schüler dekoriert und mit Irving und Cynthia habe ich Kuchen gebacken.

Als wir den Kuchen zum Fest brachten, luden mich die Lehrer zu ihrer Feier in Doña Ruths Haus ein. Dort hatten sie für den Nachmittag Snacks vorbereiten und tauschten ihre Weihnachtsgeschenke aus. Sogar Karaoke haben wir gesungen!