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This day has been sponsored by : GSC / Simona - winter solstice

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Week 6 Day 5 - "CCS Staff... update"

Half of my time is over. And the staff have updated their picture board with personal info (birthday, family, interests). And for the Secret Santa dinner, we got to see them without their daily "uniform", in their personal clothes. And I have uncovered some "secret rules" which I was shocked about... so I thought, it is time for an update on the staff.

I actually hoped that the picture of the staff board was good enough, so you could read each individual "story", if you wanted to. But you'd have to be really interested to go to the trouble of enlarging your screen to about 200% and then concentrate on the blurry text. You would find out for example that Rosita is the abuelita in the team, Daniel the baby, Meri is born the same year as I, and the next birthday coming up is Mayra's on New Year's Day... she'll be 36. Also, Fanny has lived in India for a year, Arnulfo's wife is expecting their second child in March, Ademar likes riding his bike, and Ronald fights with his kids over the video game control. Allan is into geology, Greivin is into his girlfriend, and Irving is into his nieces and nephews.

Sadly, I learned that the staff have very strict rules regarding socializing with volunteers outside the CCS grounds. Greeting each other as we accidently run into one another on the street is about the limit. If we happen to be in the same bar on Saturday night, the staff is required to leave the premises and look for a place to dance elsewhere. If I come back in the future as a tourist, they are still not allowed to meet up with me... I'd have to go visit them at the CCS house. Don't you find it strange that an organization with goals like cultural exchange and humanitarianism regulates friendships? I would have really liked to hang out with Meri and Mayra, for example.


For today's sponsors

GSC... Simona picked this day in occasion of the "winter solstice", i.e. to celebrate that the days will start to be longer again. Also, it will be Victor's bday this weekend... Многая Літа, Victor!