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Week 6 Day 5 - "xMas in Costa Rica"

"The traditional Christmas tree in Costa Rica is a big evergreen branch, a small cypress tree, or dried coffee branches. The "tree" is decorated with white paint and brightly colored strips of paper. Lights and small colored balls, a variety of small figures and lace are also used to adorn the greenery. A gold star is placed on top as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem."***

How do you like the xMas tree in today's picture? I saw it on the way to the Tesalia, the boys' orphanage.

"A very popular Latin American tradition--the portal --is a nativity scene constructed of mosses and grass, colored sawdust, cypress twigs, black paper, silver glitter and figurines representing the birth of Jesus in the manger. Along with the traditional figures of Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, shepards, the three wise men and the ox and mule, Costa Ricans commonly add extra embellishments like dolls, little farm animals, tiny toys, fruits and berries, and lights. The figure of Baby Jesus is placed in the portal at midnight on December twenty-fourth."***

In fact, I have seen a lot of those portales and some of them were very elaborate. The ones posted today were taken at the Hogar de Ancianos. In fact, they had not placed the figure of Baby Jesus, yet. Also, check the pictures on 10th December... this is just a block up from the CCS house and when I first stopped by I thought it was the entrance to a shop selling xMas decoration, but it is a private home and I have been told they make such an elaborate portal every year, and different each time.

"Posadas take place during the nine days before Christmas. Originating in Spain and Mexico, the posada consists of a group of neighbors getting together at a different neighbor's house each day to act out the pilgrimage of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem. This is accompanied by singing and praying, snacks of the season, and lots of tamales."***

Hmmm... to be honest, I have not heard of this custom, but I'll ask about it now...

"In late November decorations begin to appear in downtown shops..."***

The last picture shows the xMas decoration in the streets of Ciudad Quesada... and those were there the day I arrived, on 10th November.


*** parts of today's information is taken from the following website


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GSC... this day was picked for the expected arrival of Lineda's baby. Lineda, I hope you and the child are both well.