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Week 7 Day 3 - "Movie & Popcorn"

Well, after the unlucky events on xMas Eve, Sabrina left on a two week vacation, and I stole her idea to take the kids out to a movie. There's a theater in walking distance and we had a choice of three movies. I believe Claudia "manipulated" the kids into picking the Bee Movie.

We took 4-year old Katherine and all children older than her (Nancy, Luís, Silvia, Karen), except Anita who had to stay home for misbehaviour. Claudia and Johanna came along. We bought caramel popcorn and salted popcorn. To my surprise the latter were more popular.

Have you seen the movie? Well, for us it was obviously dubbed in Spanish. I am not sure it is funny in English, but here, nobody laughed. Little Katherine fell asleep. So did Johanna. So much for a successful outing...


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Happy Birthday, Shirley! Did you spend your birthday on the boat? How was the cruise? Nicole sponsored this day as a surprise for you...