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This day has been sponsored by : Christoph, Sophie und Julius Schmidt

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Week 7 Day 4 - "Tesalia"

Tesalia is the name as well as the location of the boys' orphanage. It is quite a ride away from Ciudad Quesada. Still, Elena, who runs the Hogarcito, is responsible for the Tesalia as well. Similarly to the Hogarcito, the Tesalia is meant to be only a temporary solution for the boys. One of the boys was found living almost like a feral child. Other children are from violent homes (one was hit with a hammer by his father), and for others, the parents did not want them.

On and off the boys come to the Hogarcito and for quite some time I had no clue who these boys were who randomly sat around appearantly waiting for something and all the kids seemed to know them.

CCS only places volunteers at the Tesalia during school vacations, and Edward and Anna were the first volunteers to go there since I arrived. They brought a bag full of sports equipment: an American football, a soccer ball, a (plastic) baseball bat and ball... Also, they talked about going to swim in the nearby river. I was intrigued and asked, if I could come along one day to "kill two birds with one stone": officially meet the boys & see where they live and participate in the entertainment variety.

Today, I learned how to play baseball and we were sliding down muddy pathes (after 10 days of constant rain) to get to the cold river and swim. Unfortunately, though, we only went with a small group of boys. All of them were invited to their school for a festivity which seemed strange during school vacation. Most of them went and found out, it was methodist missionaries who had invited them for a prayer meeting. Only three stayed behind to play baseball and go swimming: Jéronimo, Geyner, and Mainor. The others regreted their choice.

On the default picture you see from left to right: Mainor, Geyner holding Hugo, Alder, Pablo, José & his brother Osvaldo, and Jéronimo. An older boy, Joser, is missing, as he got to visit his grandmother for a while over xMas and New Year's.

On the second picture you see Doña Carmen and her son Hugo. She is the tía who takes care of the boys, but her son can live with her there. Recently, a new psycologist arrived, Alexandra.

On the third picture you will recognize Edward, Anna, and Greivin with the boys. The "new" person in the picture is Marie. She is a volunteer with OTEC and lives in a family in Ciudad Quesada. She is from Austria and on some days she also works at the Hogarcito.


For today's sponsors

Christoph, Sophie & Julius... die Jungs sind zwischen 9 und 12 Jahren und haben alle eine traurige Geschichte. Ich wollte sie gerne kennenlernen, da ich sie ab und zu im Hogarcito habe "rumsitzen" sehen, während sie auf etwas or jemanden warteten. Doña Elena verwaltet beide "Waisenhäuser".

Edward & Anna sind die ersten Voluntäre, die seit meiner Ankunft dort eingesetzt wurden. Sie haben eine Tasche voll Sportsachen mitgebracht, u.a. einen Fußball und einen Baseballschläger (aus Plastik) mit Ball. Von ihnen habe ich heute Baseball spielen gelernt... zumindest ein wenig. Außerdem sind wir im eiskalten Fluß schwimmen gewesen. Nach 10 Tagen Regen war der Weg dorthin durch den Wald sehr rutschig.

Auf dem ersten Bild sitzen von links nach rechts: Mainor, Geyner mit Hugo, Alder, Pablo, José & sein Bruder Osvaldo und Jéronimo.

Auf dem zweiten Bild ist Doña Carmen mit ihrem Sohn Hugo. Sie ist die tía, die für die Jungs sorgt. Dabei kann Hugo mit ihr dort wohnen. Kürzlich hat eine neue Psychologin dort begonnen: Alexandra.

Auf dem dritten Bild erkennt Ihr alle, außer Marie. Sie kommt aus Österreich und ist mit OTEC für ein knappes Jahr als Voluntärin in Costa Rica. Sie wohnt in einer Familie. Manchmal arbeitet sie auch im Hogarcito.