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Week 8 Day 2 - "Feliz Año 2008"

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

I started the New Year en el parque de Ciudad Quesada. For the first time, the mayor had organized an event with live bands for everyone and people from all over San Carlos came to join. The stage was next to the town church. You can see this in the picture taken during preparations at day time. Just before midnight, the mayor gave a speech about how this was in particular for the families of San Carlos and that he promised further events of the kind. Just after midnight there were beautiful fireworks sponsored by Coopelesca. Of course, there was a speech by the sponsor. And the first song of the new year, ironically, was "El año viejo". Luckily, I was prepared and could sing the lyrics along with the rest of the crowd. So I began 2008 singing and dancing.

I had hoped to see more familiar faces in the crowd, but I only saw the dance teacher, Luís Diego, from afar; chatted with the vegetable guy, Braulio, for a bit; saw the computer guy, Douglas, walk by with his family; and wished a Happy New Year to the hammock guy, Belisario. While I was chatting to the vegetable guy, Marie walked by, as her host sisters had spontaneously decided to join the town crowd, as well. I introduced them, so they could exchange English for Spanish conversation in the future.

As it got closer to my curfew, I walked back to the house, and prepared a fruit cocktail (no alcohol, of course), so Arnulfo, the night guard, and myself could finally toast to this New Year. Feliz Año Nuevo! While we were toasting, I heard voices shouting from outside "Sabine... Sabine...". Claudia and Johanna were on their way back from the parque - too bad I had not seen them there. We hugged and wished each other all the best for 2008, but house rules did not allow for them to come in and join the for a cocktail.

I arrived a little late and a little tired at the Hogarcito the next morning, but other than that, it was another regular day with the kids. I brought some of the cake that the Panadería Tía Panchita had delivered on Saturday night for the CCS house. See the huge cake in the picture? A nice gesture... but most people were gone for a long weekend, and there were Rebekah, Arnulfo, and myself left to taste it when it first arrived. Arnulfo called Irving to ask for permission to cut the cake. We did not want to risk any unauthorized cake eating...


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Toni... You are in Scotland for the New Year celebration, right?