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Week 8 Day 4 - "Consecuencias... no jugar"

Apparently, the previous weekend Luís Alonso had been very bad and hence the psycologist decided that he was not allowed to play until he improved his conduct.

Initially, he just watched the other kids play and seemed to be proud to stick to his bad behaviour. There's a couple games that he and I like to play together, like gato (tic tac toe) - using chalk on the outdoor pavement. And we were also finally planning the zoo excursion. So every day, I told Luís how sad I was that I could not play with him, and that I really hoped he would behave better so we could play together again, and also that he could come along to the zoo. It was not even some psycologial strategy I invented... I really meant what I said. The zoo was finally planned for today, and it did not look like he could come along. To his luck, we awoke to pouring rain this morning, and it would not stop pouring, so we had to postpone the zoo, yet again. Versus the end of the week, he really wanted to play Gran Banco (Monopoly), but still he insisted with a smile that he likes to be bad forever. Since I had arrived I had never seen a kid on any sort of punishment for more than a day. His lasted beyond today... it lasted all week.

Finally, when I came the following Monday, he came running to the gate to greet me and said with a big grin: Sabine, ya podemos jugar! I had to smile at his announcement: The way he said it, it almost seemed like he felt that the fact that we could play again must be more good news for me than for himself. And I was very happy, indeed.


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Dirk, wie findest Du die Geschichte vom frechen Alonso?

Im Gegensatz zu Michel aus Lönneberga war Luís natürlich ein Engel und so ganz genau konnte mir keiner erzählen, was denn nun am Wochenende passiert war und ein absolutes Spielverbot für Alonso herbeigeführt hatte. Aber zunächst mal war er sehr keck und meinte, er würde sich nie wieder gut benehmen und für alle Zeit böse sein. Irgendwie konnte ich mich über sein Verhalten gar nicht ärgern, sondern mußte mir nur immer wieder ein Schmunzeln verkneifen. Jedenfalls durfte er die ganze Woche nicht mitspielen und hatte Glück, daß unser Zoobesuch zweimal verschoben wurde... heute, weil es aus Eimern schüttet und morgen... ja das ist die Geschichte von morgen...