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Week 8 Day 5 - "The Door to Freedom"

This could also be called "another failed attempt to go to the zoo". After all the rain yesterday, today we woke up to splendid sunshine, so on the way to the Hogarcito it occurred to me that perhaps we could spontaneously do the zoo excursion today. I needed to confirm this with the psycologist, and so I asked the driver to come back after dropping off all volunteers, in case I needed to go back to the house, as well as zoo picnic shopping. We confirmed, all kids were excited, and when the driver came back, I went off to buy juice, and cookies, and sandwich stuff.

When I came back to the Hogarcito I noticed the disappointed faces: The car gate had broken and we could not get out the van to go to the zoo (the second picture just shows how it normally would go through). This being still the first week of January, Marlen could not find any mecanic. We tried to manually move the door, but we barely could. Since Patricia had repaired the chain of one of the bikes just the other day, and the door seemed to operate with a similar chain, we checked with her, if there was anything we could do, but it seemed beyond repair. Also, we had to be careful as the door was normally operated with a remote control, and switch the electricity off.

On the picture you can see that, unfortunately, we were also unable to fully close the gate (though the initial crack was slightly bigger), and as a result, Cristian found it highly entertaining to escape through the gate. The crack was just big enough for him to fit through... I had eaten too much rice and beans to be able to follow. So I had to run around through the other door and hope that no car or bus would run him over in the meantime. Luckily, Karen helped to hold him back eventually. It seemed like he thought we were playing a new fun game. When I left, I was really worried that this situation would last all weekend, but when I came back on Monday, luckily somebody had managed to push the gate, so that it fully closed.


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Ther... I am spoiling a future story here: Eventually we did get to go to the zoo... but it was very different from our visit to the zoo in Singapore. Have you been back and seen it during day time?