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This day has been sponsored by : Vishali & Naresh Upperpalli

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Week 9 Day 1 - "Balloon Day @ the Hogarcito"

One of the toughest challenges I found at my placement was the age range of the children I worked with: 4 babies (the youngest only a couple weeks old when I arrived and born three months early; the oldest almost nine month when I left); toddlers Cristian & Jefferson at two & two and a half; 4-year old Katherine and her 11-year old sister Karen; 5-year old Nancy; and three siblings of 6, 9, and 10: Luís, Anita, and Silvia. I asked myself every day what I could do that interests all of the kids... and I found very little. But the balloons were a big success with all.

We made hats for the toddlers, flowers for the girls, swords for the siblings, and a dog. Some kids only played with the balloons, others wanted to learn to make things themselves. Karen made flowers for the tías. Part of the fun, of course, was to hear many a balloon explode...


For today's sponsors

Vishali & Naresh, although all the kids I worked with were adorable, I don't think any of them had a name I could recommend for your baby... but when I get to meet your child, remind me to bring the balloons!