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Week 9 Day 4 - "AMURECI"

When the driver dropped me here this morning, the doors where still closed. Previously, on a first day at a placement I had been introduced by a CCS staff member or a "regular" volunteer. When I asked the driver whom I was supposed to speak to, he seemed surprised that this was my first day at AMURECI, and offered to wait and introduce me. It felt kind of strange and I was wondering, if anybody was expecting me at all. Soon, Mayela arrived and opened the door and began explaining to me. She gave me things to do, then Milly and other women arrived, and we were all sitting around the table with our individual little tasks. I was cutting paper for butterfly shaped envelopes, and listening to their chatter. By the time the driver came to pick me up, it felt like I was leaving a group of friends, and it did not seem at all like this had been my first day with them. They were asking me to come back soon, and would have liked for me to teach them English for their business. I wish I had been assigned to do this a couple times a week throughout my entire stay!

I learned a lot about these women and was very impressed. I have not really described what AMURECI is or what they do, yet, but here's a great way to find out: Only a few months before my arrival in Costa Rica, another volunteer (Cherry) has made this promotional video.*

Also, if you understand Spanish, the Ministerio de Economia Industria y Comercio together with the Dirección General de Apoyo a la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa (DIGEPYME) have posted a description of their business. And, during my stay, an article (including the above video) was posted. I strongly suspect, it was done by a CCS staff member who wants to stay anonymous.

*side note: I have not met Cherry, but via this video I found that she calls herself the bathroomgirl and has posted music on YouTube and MySpace. Looking at her stats & feedback, I don't seem to be the only one who likes her music...


For today's sponsors

Happy birthday, Lisa! This is a great topic on your birthday. You would love what these woman do. And they are soon celebrating a birthday, too: 6 years since they founded AMURECI! Another CCS volunteer wrote on travelblog about her experience with them a few years ago.

You might have guessed in the meantime that Nicole also sponsored a day for you, right?!
Too bad you did not come to Costa Rica! Sarah and I both thought that you would have really enjoyed the trip.