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This day has been sponsored by : Hanna Lenart

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Week 10 Day 2 - "Zoo, La Marina"

After a few failed attempts, today is the day! We pack a picnic, and even take Karencita & Jimena in their twin stroller. Juan comes along and takes care of the stroller... not an easy task on the cobblestones and narrow stony paths.

We walk by apes, snakes, wild cats, crocodiles, ostriches, even goats hanging out with boars and it is fun to watch the kids' excitement. At some point I hear loud laughter coming from the group ahead of me. Some animal has "sprayed" the group; I think it spit at Johanna, but it may have been entirely different.

Anybody into animal welfare would have been shocked at the conditions of cages and the malnutrion some animals displayed. Lack of funds is very appearant.

I would have liked for the siblings to be there... pity they left a day too early.


For today's sponsors

Hanka & Marcin, did you ever visit the zoo in Amsterdam? It is terribly expensive, but at the AH or some hotels you can find vouchers for a reduced entry fee. You could go one day after a weekend yoga session... it is vaguely in the same neighborhood.