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Week 11 Day 4 - "Sabrina's Farewell"

In Ciudad Quesada, there were not only volunteers from CCS, but also from other organizations. Some of those volunteers coincided at the same placements (e.g. Sabrina at the Hogarcito or Gia and Marie at the Tesalia), and others had very different placements (e.g. a german volunteer named Jakob who worked at the zoo).

Sabrina and Jakob came via an organization called AFS and stayed around 6 months. Sabrina, for example came via AFS Switzerland. She stayed with a Costa Rican family and integrated almost like their daughter / sister. AFS offered less 'infrastructure' than CCS, i.e. no transportation to and from placements; no language classes; less frequent excursions; etc.. At the same time, these differences seemed to provide or even require more of an immersion and participation in Costan Rican daily life. Granted, the hosting family were middle class families with houses that provided a comfort similar to European middle class standards.

On her last day, children and staff alike were sad to see her leave after having been part of their daily lives for such a long time. Sabrina had become particularly fond of Jimena, one of the 'older' babies. Sabrina worked a 10am to 4pm schedule, and since I left earlier I was not around when she said her good-byes. Luckily, the good-byes were not final, either, since she promised to stop by for a brief visit on her birthday the following week.


For today's sponsor

Dirk... über Sabrina habe ich noch von einer dritten Volontärorganisation erfahren: AFS. Sabrina kam über AFS Schweiz nach Costa Rica; Jakob über AFS Deutschland; und Marie war über AFS Österreich für ein Jahr als Schülerin in den USA. Mit welcher Organisation fährt Lotte denn nach Boston?