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This day has been sponsored by : Michael Morandini

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Week 11 Day 1 - "New Paint for Escuela Republica Italia"

In only one week, the 10 NYU students, 2 leads, and their CCS coordinator managed to change the color of the various buildings of Escuela Republica Italia from shades of green to shades of rosé. You can tell from the main picture (and pic no. 4) that they had tons of fun... and little helpers, as some of the school's students and teachers dropped in to give them a hand.

They removed the old paint with pressure like you see Shana doing it in the 2nd picture.

Then they painted a foundation like you see in picture no. 4, and in the end the final colour.

The group left this weekend, but I am posting this topic today, so I could include their final result, as you can see in the last picture.


For today's sponsors

Mike & Tim, the insight painting team is from NYU... so I thought it would be a great topic for a day sponsored out of NYC!