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This day has been sponsored by : Andreas Bosbach

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Week 11 Day 2 - "Balneario"

Another long awaited excursion: the pool! The name 'balneario' suggest almost a spa type of facility, but what you see on the picture is all it is. It is really within walking distance from the Hogarcito, though unfortunately the unofficial shortcut is not always open. The hole in the fence is being repaired from time to time, only to be 're-opened' shortly thereafter by 'frequent users'. The official road includes a steep climb which is rather cumbersome for the smaller children. It would be great to be able to take the kids more often to the pool, but since none of the children are compentent swimmers, we felt that we needed almost a one on one ratio between adults and kids. Finally, today, we managed to 'borrow' volunteers from other placements, packed some picnic items and let Marlen drop us off by car.

In the bigger pool, Karen can stand at one end. So could Alder who joined us from the Tesalia today. Any adult can stand anywhere in the pool. All children could stand in the two smaller pools, though Cristian and Jefferson would easily tumble and needed close supervision at all times. They adored the showers (see pic no. 2). A little playground was part of the balneario, too (see pic no. 3).

It was a fantastic day with lots of laughter and great fun for everyone... and we managed to repeat it one more time shortly hereafter.


For today's sponsor

Ynes, Andreas me pidió de dedicar ese día a tí. Ojalà te interesa leer algo sobre mis experiencias en Costa Rica. Te mando un saludo para España.