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This day has been sponsored by : Christoph, Sophie und Julius Schmidt

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Week 12 Day 1 - "Pintar Caras"

For today, I had come up with another idea of how to involve children across the ages 2-10... face paint! The smaller children enjoyed watching how the faces of the others got more and more colourful. We ended up having two clowns, a wild cat, and two flower power girls. Karen wanted to do some colouring herself... and came up with a creative design for my face. We only spared the babies... and Katelin.

It was a great day with lots of laughter.


For today's sponsors

Christoph, Sophie und Julius... die Gesichtsmalerei hat allen Kindern richtig gut gefallen. Nur die Babies haben wir ausgelassen. Die Mädchen wollten auf den Armen auch noch ihren jeweiligen Herzbuben verewigen... eine austauschfähige Alternative zum Tatoo.