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This day has been sponsored by : Dirk Holler

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Week 12 Day 3 - "Juego de Memoria"

This juego de memoria was my farewell gift to the Hogarcito. I had given a small version to the siblings upon their leaving. Silvia liked playing memory a lot. This is the final version which includes all the babies & children, the tías, psychologist, director, volunteers, and some of the highlights during my stay. If you click through all the pictures, you get to meet everyone and recognize some of the events I shared earlier.


For today's sponsor

Dirk, das Memory Spiel ist auch irgendwie eine "Zusammenfassung" meiner Zeit im Hogarcito. Die Kinder, tías, Personal und Volontäre werden vorgestellt und eine Auswahl der "Highlights", die allen Kindern gefallen haben.