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This day has been sponsored by : GSC / Raluca

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Week 12 Day 4 - "Two Farewells and a Birthday"

Today was Claudia's last day... and mine. Claudia went off to college. And on the Friday, I had to pack and go to my very last dentist appointment. Also, there was a staff meeting in the afternoon for all staff from the Hogarcito and the Tesalia. Hence, all the boys were over to visit, as well... full house! CCS provided a special contingent of volunteers plus CCS staff, so that some could go off to the pool with the older boys, and others stayed back with the younger kids. Katelin, Jessica, and Bailey enjoyed taking care of the babies (pic no. 6).

During the staff meeting, the kids painted farewell letters for Claudia (pic no. 1). Karen wrote a message on most of them to say how much the kids were going to miss her.

We brought a piñata because Sabrina was stopping by on her birthday (pics no. 2 & 3). We brought balloons again (pic no. 4 with Nancy), and face paint (pics no. 5 with Karen, Gia & Kendal, and no. 6 with Jerónimo), and a cake for Claudia's farewell (pic no. 7).

It was much tougher than I thought to leave the kids. Although, now that I write this, months have passed since that 31st January, tears still come to my eyes when I remember going away... though I almost made it to the door without crying. For months, every morning they had come running to the door to welcome me with a hug and big smiles. All the month of December, their first words would be "abrimos vaso?" to ask, if we'd go open the daily cup of the Adventcalendar. The little ones continued asking for weeks after xmas day, not realizing it had finished.

On the bright side, it was much harder for me than it was for the kids. The little ones did not realize what was happening. Only Nancy who had asked me weeks earlier, if I could take her away with me, stood behind the fence with big sad eyes, and waved until I could no longer see her. I only waved back when I was sure that from the distance she could not see my tears. I still miss them very much.


For today's sponsors

La mulți ani, Raluca!!!

I like the coincidence between this day sponsored by the GSC and dedicated to Raluca's birthday, and the birthday we celebrated with a piñata which Caroline would have liked a lot... not sure you can recognize it in the pictures, but it has a pretty and big styrofoam Winnnie the Pooh on it.