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This day has been sponsored by : Mevlut Palaligil

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Week 12 Day 5 - "Adios"

And now... the end is near...

After 12 weeks, there were quite a few things to pack... Since I was going to Panama on the bus, excess weight was not a consideration at this point. Everything you see spread around my room on the picture had to go into the little suitcase you see on the bed.

And there was one final dentist appointment, too. It is no good to do things last minute and in a hurry. The otherwise excellent dentist broke off one tiny piece of a front tooth. She was embarassed and bewildered. Ever since, I have a crooked smile...

Of course, I also wanted to tour the house (pic no. 4, shared living area) and say good-bye to all the staff. I made balloon flowers for the ladies, and balloon hats & dogs for the guys. In one of the pictures you can see Daniel and Irving posing with some of the collection (pic. no. 5).

Dear Lorena (pic no. 3) could not hold back some tears when she waved good-bye as the car left. Mery (pic no. 2) asked permission to come along on the two hour ride to San José when Ronald dropped me off at the bus station.

12 weeks have flown by. What an experience!


For today's sponsor

Mevlut, thx for the magic plastic bags!!! They helped 'downsizing' the volume of clothing to a point that it could fit into the suitcase. I don't think all my clothes could have fit otherwise.

From the station, an overnight bus ride on the Panamerican Highway took me to Panama City... with just one stop: a 3-4 hour border break for emigration, immigration, and luggage check for customs. Appearantly, I am the first volunteer *ever* to leave the country by bus. Previous drop off were all to the airport or a downtown hotel. It took the driver quite some time and asking around to find the bus station in the "unsafe" part of town in San José after dark.